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The MSF is physically located in Clark Hall Room 253

Office: 505 277 5329
Chemistry Lab: 505 277 1665
Lab: 505 277 5329
Fax: 505 277 2609

Ken Sherrell

Mass Spectroscopist

Karen Ann Smith

Group Leader, Analytical Chemistry Services

UNM Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation

4700 proteomics analyzer



Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems, Framingham, MA
Mass range: m/z 200,000 for MS, m/z ~2,000 for MS/MS
Ionization (+-eV): MALDI
Inlet Systems: LCPackings Ultimate 2D LC with Probot spotting robot
Acquisition Date: January 2005
Uses: Proteomics, peptide sequencing, MS/MS



LCT Premier



Manufacturer: Waters / Micromass, Manchester, U.K.
Mass range: m/z 12,000+
Ionization (+-eV): Electrospray (z-spray, lockspray), Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and Atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI)
Inlet Systems: HP Series 1100 HPLC
Acquisition Date: January 2005
Uses: Exact mass determinations, protein mass measurement

Waters / Micromass LCT Premier website