Mailing Address:
University of New Mexico
Department of Chemistry
& Chemical Biology
MSC03 2060
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

The MSF is physically located in Clark Hall Room 253

Office: 505 277 5329
Chemistry Lab: 505 277 1665
Lab: 505 277 5329
Fax: 505 277 2609

Ken Sherrell

Mass Spectroscopist

Karen Ann Smith

Group Leader, Analytical Chemistry Services

UNM Mass Spectrometry Forms and Fees


Sample Submissions


For protein / peptide analyses or proteomics applications please use this Form

For exact mass analyses or small molecule analyses please use this Form

Sample preparation advice for proteins and peptide samples

2D gel guidelines


The current fee table is here

All analyses that do not fall into the catagories listed will be considered special applications. Availability of and fees for these applications should be discussed with the facility prior to sample submission.


***If any data obtained in the MSF results in or is included in any publications, please acknowledge     "...the UNM Mass Spectrometry Facility for mass analysis..."***