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General Information

The mass spectrometry facility (MSF) at the University of New Mexico is located in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology. The facility is equipped with over $800k of analytical instrumentation and supports investigators with separations and detection of compounds ranging from organic small molecules to large proteins. The MSF capabilities, instrumentation and rates are summarized in corresponding links on this page. Investigative and collaborative projects welcomed.

The MSF is the only place in the State of New Mexico where investigators can easily access such advanced mass spectrometry capabilities.

The MSF is one of two research facilities located in the department.

Our other facility is the NMR. Please visit this as well.

Instructions for new MS users:

  1. Formulate your question, what are you trying to learn?
  2. Consult with our experts to determine what kind of analysis you need.
  3. Discuss with us your reporting needs and data quality objectives.
  4. Fill out a Mass Spectrometry Facility “request for analysis”  form, email or drop-off completed form.
  5. Arrange for delivery of your  samples.
  6. Arrange for sample disposition (return/dispose)

Please take a look at the Instrumentation we use.

Also, please check out our MS Tutorial.

Contact the Institute

The MSF is physically located in Clark Hall Room B51

Office: 505 277 1665

Chemistry Lab: 505 277 5329

Dr. Curtis Mowry (cmowry@unm.edu)

Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility


Karen Ann Smith
Research Facility Director